Sunday, March 31, 2013


THE  fashion world has called upon
 a new simplicity.........

A breath of fresh air has entered. Clean, uncomplicated, pale and interesting.

Pure like ivory and putty, bronzed and buttery like molten caramel,  sun-bleached like rose gold
and a NEW nude.

Worn head to toe, it is the ultimate in sophistication. Mixed with stronger tones to add punctuation to an outfit.

Strike the balance right adding a hint of 

And by keeping accessories to a minimum this is a look that will work for you not just this season, but for many years to come.........

Rochas : Spring/Summer 2013





Loewe : Spring/Summer 2013



The MAGIC of neutrals started for me sometime in the 1980's, when I would see women beautifully dressed in stunning understated caramel tones.

The label they were wearing was Max Mara, and try as I might to replicate this look on the was no good  (my budget back then didn't really expand much beyond £10 a week for everything!  And so it would have taken me a very long time to save approx £400 for one of their iconic coats, etc!)

  • Max Mara: Spring/Summer 2013

But  there was something so delicious and effortlessly polished about these women, that I fell in love with everything about the look.
 The cloth, the tailoring, the touch,it had the edge.

 I did many years later come to own one of Max Mara's coats, and it still sits it my wardrobe today waiting, coming out when the need is right, and still looking like the classic it always was!

Max Mara, still continues to give us some beautiful timeless keepsake pieces.

Vanessa Bruno : Spring/Summer 2013




I have to confess my hopeless stalker addiction to
Vanessa Bruno, these are the pieces I want NOW!

But as every girl knows, what a girl wants even if she say's please loads of times, a girl just doesn't get........IF, she ain't got the dosh!

So what does she do?

Seek and you shall FIND girlfriend!

Get the look for less...........


Image 1 of ASOS Leather Corner Detail Satchel Bag

Image 1 of Whistles Leyla Drawstring Dress

Image 1 of American Apparel Chiffon Oversized Button Up Blouse

Oatmeal (Stone ) Stone Contrast Snake Print Zip Bottom Hobo Bag | 269383614 | New Look


(product name angle)

Cat-eye frame sunglasses

    Image 4 of ASOS Pencil Skirt In Leather

Image 1 of Jarlo Lace Swing Full Midi Dress with Racer Back


   Slim metallic belt

Mink (Brown) Mink Split Hem Maxi Vest Dress  | 279642323 | New Look



   X X X


Thursday, March 28, 2013

HIGH STREET HERO'S..... what would you like to find in your easter egg?


image via

Whilst most of us myself included are staying put for the Easter break. I'm sure there are the lucky ones of you out there that are taking off for the holidays?

So while I am still layered up to the max (snow boots included)! Here are a few tempting goodies to pack from our amazing HIGH STREET if you are getting away this weekend.

And for the rest of us frozen fashion lovers, a feast for the eyes, for when we can eventually bare maybe a wrist or an ankle!

I love a weekend break, somehow just a few day's away can make you feel rejuvenated, especially if taken in this country, no flights to contend with, just pack, jump in the car or take the train, and within a few short hours equilibrium is restored!

"We"  that's the VHM and I recently had a fabulous break at Malmaison in Manchester......I could so happily have moved in here forever!  Manchester is a foodie and shopping haven.

  If you are looking for a quick getaway, I can't recommend this hotel enough, nothing was too much trouble, the staff are uber friendly but very professional, the freshly cooked food was excellent, and the room was just perfect.

 P.S.  They have a great offer on at the moment for Easter! (whisper nicely in his ear)

Malmaison Hotels

If I am lucky enough enough to have a return visit to Malmaison, these would be my pick's to pack!

  N.B. To VHM.... I quite fancy the Oxford one next time?

SHADES OF GREY....No Just Black and White!

  (My VHM now suddenly looks very interested.....NO DOWN's fashion speak!)


 Malmaison Spa 

So being the simple soul I am, the new monochrome look works really well for a city break.

                              Striped knit dress

Mango Dress £22.99

This little dress is a great basic to take for day. I would team it with flatties if doing a lot of walking, or opaques, heaven forbid if its still cold, and boots.

H & M Leather Sandals £29.99

                                         Biker Boot Wellies

Matalan Biker Wellies £14.99

OK.....but you never know, especially if you do make it to Manchester....SO Sorry Manchester people, but you are known for your rain!
 I just thought these wellies are so super stylish. Cool for festival wear too..... Very Alexa, Mossy etc!!

                                Image 1 of LONG FLOWING TRENCH COAT from Zara

Zara Long Flowing Trench Coat £79.99

Not sure how practical in the rain, but how glamorous is this trench? Great for going out in the evening too.


River Island Dress Midi Dress £28

I Love this dress, but if a bit too bodycon for you..... me included, pop a loose knit over the top. And after you have had a few Champagne's take the sweater off and feel like a
Star......which of course you are always are!

                                 Image 1 of TWO-TONE SWEATER from Zara

Zara Two Tone Sweater £35.99

Great sweater to team with black/white/or the brave among you ORANGE skinnies!

And if a Grey moment does come along how about this stunning tie dye sports luxe dress?

 River Island Dress Tie Dye Dress £25

                               Image 1 of SLING BACK KITTEN HEEL SHOE from Zara

Zara Shoe £39.99

And so with a few well chosen accessories you are ready to go!

                                            Image 1 of French Connection Boxy Block Bag

 French Connection Bag £65

H & M Sunglasses £4.991

H & M Sunglasses £4.99

                              Faux leather cuff

Mango Faux Leather Cuff £9.99

                               Crystal embellished leather bracelet

Mango Leather and Crystal Bracelet £29.99

  • Abstract Oversized Bird

  • LOVE THIS...... Bird Print Scarf from Warehouse £22


    Dorothy Perkins Mesh Collar Necklace £10

                                                             OK.....Get packing!

                                             ABS 4 Wheel Ultra Lightweight Suitcase

    Matalan Suitcases From £55


    Have you discovered & Other Stories yet? It's like H & M's big sister.....but instead of high fashion, it offers pieces that will carry on year after year, letting you evolve your own personal style. I for one, am super impressed.

     Please check it out, let me know what you think?

                                              (Replace width product name and angle)
    And Other Stories Leather Bag £125

    And  just in case the Rain Gods are not smiling down on you don't forget the ultimate
    accessory of any well dressed girl.........


    picture via here

    Do you think they might catch on??

         HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! xx


    Sunday, March 24, 2013

    CURRENT/ ELLIOT, J.BRAND, M.I.H. and Warehouse. Time for a new boyfriend!!

    I need a new boyfriend, the old one just doesn't do it for me any more. Something is not quite right.

     You see our relationship has run it's course, and the romantic spark we used to have when we were together has gone.  The love affair is over.

    picture via

    No, No, No, not my VHM silly, he is still very much current, well, he was last night?

    It's my old Boyfriend Jeans. Now exciled to the back of the wardrobe and probably due an outing very soon to the charity shop!!

    I've had these Earl Boyfriend Jeans since circa 2000.  And they have always been a trusty friend, dropping in and out of whatever current look I was wearing at the time.
    But when I tried them on again recently I suddenly realised they don't work the look anymore?  In a word they look DATED!  Some might say, "well don't they look vintage"?
    No.....they just look wrong.

    So I have been on the hunt for a new love. Well, as any girl knows shopping for jeans can be the equivalent of a check up at the dentist. You either leave smug, no work needed, cash reasonably intact. Or has happened to me recently multiple painful visits, leaving my bank account in the red.

    I started with a strong coffee, flat shoes (heels in my bag to try on) and a big smile looking forward to my new purchase.

    I ended up with blisters....the flat shoes were new, and a large glass of wine, at the end of what had been a very harrowing day!

    So I have made the decision to order a selection off various websites.

     The luxury of being able to try on in the privacy and comfort of my own home, and more importantly to look in MY never lies!

    Distressed Panhandle Boyfriend Jeans by CURRENT/ELLIOTT

    CURRENT/ELLIOT Distressed Panhandle Jeans £275

    Well I have to admit these were very good, they worked with flats, heels and ankle boots. But that price tag is just too much. My car is not worth much more for heavens sake.

    picture via

    Halsy High-Rise Vintage Distressed Straight Leg Jeans by MIH

    MIH Halsy Jeans £190

    These were just too distressed, and a bit too high rise on me. Also I wanted a slightly darker wash. Priced quite a bit lower than CURRENT/ELLIOT ones, I still felt they  were not moving in with me!

    J Brand

    J Brand Aiden Cropped Jeans £250

    My heart did jump a beat when I tried on these lovelies......the fit, the wash, just the right amount of distressing. Yes my search was over, but, get real girl, unless my VHM
    is feeling particularly generous right now, I will have to decline and fall back into Boyfriend Jeans singledom.

    So that was it until a forgotton parcel arrived...forgotton because my lovely postie knows I do quite a lot of shopping, and if I am not there leaves it in my shed!!

    My son picked up the note from the postie and didn't tell me.....BAD BOY. And so the
    parcel wasn't discovered until I went to get my wellies, my current mode of footwear in this dreary climate.

    But what a lovely surprise it was. A pair of Warehouse Boyfriend Jeans.


    Buy Warehouse Distressed Boyfriend Style Jeans Online at

    Warehouse Distressed Boyfriend Jeans £42

    I am officially LOVED UP again. Not only is the cut, wash, and mid rise just perfect. They feel so soft and amazingly at £42 look every inch as good as the designer counterparts.

    Listen to Bob Marley- Is This Love HERE

    picture via

    And so the empty gap in my wardrobe is filled again. And my new love interest and I are looking forward to many happy years together!

                              x x


    Wednesday, March 20, 2013

    STELLA McCARTNEY, JIL SANDER & CHLOE THE NEW MINIMALISM........But my first love Giorgio Armani has never left me!!

    The understated look has reinvented itself again. For me timeless classics that are free of embellishment just work over and over again.

    But this season the pared back look just has got a lot softer, a sort of feminine minimalism.

    When I first worked in fashion one of my icons was Georgio Armani. With his impecable tailoring, clean lines and beautiful fabrics it was a look I dreamed of wearing and owning one day. I loved walking into the  Brompton Road store with it's oh so stylish staff  dressed head to toe in Armani, looking so chic, they all could of walked off the front cover of Italian vogue. The clothes beautifully presented and displayed in a way that only Armani could do it.

    Flash forward a few years, and  sadly I never did get to own a piece of Georgio Armani (well except for a pair of his jeans) but the legacy of his clothes has always been with me. I love classic tailoring, the sense of calm and confidence it gives you the wearer, and the ease of dressing in a minimal way that just makes you feel so cool and uncomplicated.

    SS13 and this seasons new minimalism is music to my ears.

    Lets start with the Queen of clean.........Jill Sander

    Jill Sander ss13

    Jill Sander ss13

    Jill Sander ss13


    Chloe ss13

    Chloe ss13

    Stella McCartney ss13

    Stella McCartney ss13


    Stella McCartney ss13 unless you are married to a Russian Oligarch, or footballer, most of us can still only dream of owning such beautiful pieces.

     BUT here is where the clever bit comes in. The glorious HIGH STREET AND THE INTERNET!!


     Zara Coat £69.99 Mixed with a Stella oh so this season orange


    Zara Dress £39.99 Again a take on Stella McCartney's dress

    Metal plate dress

    Mango Dress £59.99

    River Island Dress £40 A little nod to Stella

    Belted pleat dress

    Cos Dress £69 A nod to Chloe


     Asos Dress £45

    Add a few well chosen accessories and you will look and feel amazing.......

    River Island Bag £55

     Next Kitten Heels £28

    River Island Cats Eye Sunglasses £13

    It's the trying hard, to look like you have not tried too hard, if you get my drift that makes this look work!!

    And as a special friend of mine once told me.

    She was just walking out of this boutique in Milan (ARMANI) when this immaculately dressed handsome man held open the door for her - she said thankyou, and he said Ciao Bella!
    ........then she double take, it was the main man himself Georgio Armani. 

    WOW!! she thought.

     But then at the end of the day he is just a shopkeeper keeping his client's understated, laid back and cool is that??


    X X X

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