Saturday, May 24, 2014

GANDYS FLIP FLOPS............Orphans for Orphans.

The sun may not be shining today....
But, I'm busy getting my summer holiday footwear organised.
I have always gone for Havaiana's, as my flip flop's of choice.
  However, this summer, I am putting my best foot forward in the 'hippest' flip flop around.........

The story behind the brand is as inspiring as it is tragic.
 At the ages of 11 and 13,  Rob and Paul Forkan, lost both their parent's in the 2004 tsunami, whilst travelling down the coast of Sri Lanka during the Christmas holidays

 The brothers were determined to turn a negative into a positive,(read the full story and shop Gandys flip flops here).
And so, the Gandy brand was born. 

The flip flops have quickly caught the eye's of the celebrity world, with the likes of Jessica Alba, Michelle Keegan, Jessie J, and Jamie Oliver being spotted wearing a pair.........
Jessica Alba in her 'LA Purple' Gandys

 10 per cent of all Gandys profits goes directly to their
"Orphans for Orphans" mission read here .


Originals - Waikiki White

'Waikiki White' Gandys £18.
 I have decided to go for the white to start with,
 but, will definitely be going back for more.........
Serge 4 Gandys - Peacock Blue - Pre Order
Peacock Blue Serge and Gandys £24
They come in the most amazing range of colours, and prints.....

Liberty - Lord Paisley - Pre Order

A collaboration, 'Liberty' Lord Paisley Gandys £30

.............Just too much choice!

 Image via


Do you own a pair yet?

 I would love to know, 
 what colour and design you would choose?



  1. I had read all about the brand some time ago and when the Havianas wear out I will get a pair for sure, such a great cause! x

    1. My Havaianas, have always been so comfortable, and do go on forever, but these do look pretty strong too! But as you say a great cause, and so if I have to replace them sooner, it's money well spent! xx

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  3. I've seen these in Office, it's lovely to hear the story behind them......what an amazing cause! I do want a new pair of flip flops this year so I will be checking these out! xx

    1. Just hope the weather warms up this week, so that we can get the feet out again? I was back in boot's again yesterday! xx

  4. I heard about them a while ago then completely forgot, thank you for bringing them back to my attention. An amazing story behind them. I love those Liberty ones, off to have a look at more designs x

  5. I'll def be checking these out too - love fashion for a cause, a win-win!!


    1. Absolutely, It's always good to give something back! xx

  6. I hadn't heard of these before, but what a touching story and great cause. I will definitely be checking these out. The Liberty ones are particularly pretty x

    1. I love the freshness of the blue and white Liberty print too! xx

  7. Replies
    1. These seem to be everyone's favourite, shame they are just that bit more expensive though?! xx

  8. What a gorgeous range and how inspiring ( and sad) a story that is! XX

  9. Great that they are available in all different colours.


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