Saturday, January 24, 2015


Fashion has a habit of looking forward and backwards, and sometime's both at the same time. This seasons fashion throwback to the seventies, is all about the good to emerge from what is sometimes seen in history, as a time of of austerity and discontentment.  

They say the cultural life of people changed more during the seventies than any other post war decade. The first color televisions had just started to emerge, there was no email in regular use, and certainly no mobile phones.

 My own very happy memories of the 1970's are of chopper bikes, cassette recorders, space hoppers, and a Mum with a swanky hostess trolley, and a Dad with a Ford Capri.  A bottle of Blue Nun in the fridge, for when my parents had friends round to an Abigails Party style dinner (an iconic TV drama of 70's life and style) serving prawn cocktails, profiteroles and black forest gateau.

There were twenty shillings in a pound, and I had a girl crushes on Ali MacGraw and Bianca Jagger. 

The seventies wasn't a time that fashion forgot,  it was unique, with designers such as Thea Porter, Bill Gibb, Halston and Biba, giving us flares, fringing, flowing bohemian kaftans, 
and maxi dresses. 

Lauren Hutton in a chiffon caftan by Halston. (US Vogue, April 1973/Photographer: Richard Avedon)

This seasons rebooted twist on the seventies, has a big hint of nostalgia about it, but somehow as fashion does, it has reworked itself to become as fresh and exciting as the original.....





Friday, January 9, 2015


Coat: Paisie / Boots: Rupert Sanderson / Bracelet: Asos / Sweater: MSGM / Sunglasses: Asos / Scrub: Elemental Herbology / Shoes: Alexander Wang / Ring: Asos  / Nail Polish: Nars / Bra: Kiki de Montparnasse / Top: Somerset by Temperley / Clutch:Asos / Pants: Joseph


 Creamy caramel, burnt toffee, biscuit, whatever the 'new' name for camel is, it has been firmly on my radar this season. At it's best with black or similar 'tasty' tones.

Whilst the winter weather is still in full force, excuse the pun, and my love affair with leather pants doesn't stop, it can only mean one thing.........

 It's Cyber O clock, with some serious camel and leather action, which doesn't mean watching Omar Sharif on Netflix. 

The good news is most of it's in the sale.

The bad news is I am off work with a bad back unable to move much, which means I am spending far longer than I care to admit pouring over the Internet, (purely in the name of research you understand.) 

Is Doctor Zhivago actually on Netflix? As that's the only action this bed bound gal is gonna see right now. 

You get the gist?


Sunday, January 4, 2015


Well, not so much resolutions, but inspirations and a little
 insight into my route to happiness.

 From family to frivolous these are the
  small things that make the start of the New Year the perfect moment to reflect. With the hectic Christmas holiday's over, taking stock once in a while can be a restorative part of a new beginning.

 We all need to come back down to earth with a quiet walk, a duvet day, or just a pot of freshly brewed tea and a well thumbed book.
 But best of all is the comfort of being with those
 who you know and love the most.

Student life

conversation & treats with friends // leggings // oversized jumpers

This tub/ tray. Bathroom inspo. Relaxation time. Only I would honestly probably be drinking water with lemon or a chocolate milkshake. :)

-    Where to buy Real Techniques brushes makeup -$10   #wedding #weddings

Snow day ❉

A do-able schedule to make your mornings a little brighter

Evenings by the fire, even in the middle of an English Summer!..

"But I must admit I miss you quite terribly. The world is too quiet without you nearby. I go to bed early and rise late and feel as if I have hardly slept."

A beautiful woman reading a book on the beach.  How could this photo be any better!?!

Babington House, Somerset (photo by Aaron Delesie)

Urban Fashion and Glamour Photography. Urban Photography captures the trends, culture, styles and surroundings of urban areas while fashion is becoming an integral part of it. This is a collection of fashion photography that features some beautiful and glamorous urban girls surrounded by the beautiful landscape and nature of metro areas.



Gorgeous smelling candles & a vase of bird feathers are a great relaxing addition to any bathroom! -Foreno



Verdigris Vie: French Farm...ideal Sunday morning papers and breakfast on the terrace!

tumblr_mhtvdf1QEP1qejbq1o1_500.jpg (500×750)

Killybegs, County Donegal, Ireland

Adventure Is Waiting For You

hôtel le relais saint germain, paris

This post comes from our Australia contributor, Miann Scanlan. Follow along with her on Instagram @freepeopleaustralia! I recently stumbled upon Ayurveda and never before in my life has a particular school of medicine or life science made so much sense of the constant mixed well-being messages that saturate our media. Flourishing thousands of years before

morning coff. (the funny thing is... no woman actually looks this peaceful and beautiful in the morning. lets be real)

Mentally, I'm here right now.

Roll Top Bath at Babington House

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