Thursday, September 5, 2013


This is a blog that I have been reading for sometime. It's not about fashion, make-up, cooking or lifestyle etc......

 Its about a very special, beautiful young family, who's life was struck with tragedy, and changed forever.

I am always moved to tears by the brave and courageous writings of Tamsyn a young Mum of 4 small children, and her daily challenges she faces.

Her blog is called

She opens her blog like this:

So, moving to France in search of 'The Good Life’ was worth it, not. *kicks self*. ;) Follow me (actually, no don’t, stay there in your warm safe places) in my daily ‘well we’re not inviting them for tea again, Roger’ antics. 33-year-old mum of 4 who still fit in the same bath (handy). 5 chickens, 3 cats, 4 ducks, a toad, a dog and some way-out-of-control badgers, all contribute to the fact I cannot control my youngest who suffers from self-hair cutting OCD. My chickens are mounting a chicken coo, and I don’t know what to doodle do.

Well, this was my life until my husband suffered a head injury over a year ago. I now find myself a 'single mum' with 4 kids, my life went from the blogs you can read before Oct 4th '11 to now. After 2 life saving brain operations, months in a coma, I moved the family back to England in February '12 for his neuro-reeducation. His recovery will take years, and one thing that will not come back is his sight. life changed in a split second. My life is now being determined and positive and keeping hope that he will one day, be Alex again...With 4 young kids, I can be no other way...Life is precious...
Please watch this video:
Thankyou. xx


  1. Such a strong woman, makes me so grateful for all we have x

    1. I know Sophie, sometimes we don't realise how lucky we are.....thanks for reading xx


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