Saturday, January 24, 2015


Fashion has a habit of looking forward and backwards, and sometime's both at the same time. This seasons fashion throwback to the seventies, is all about the good to emerge from what is sometimes seen in history, as a time of of austerity and discontentment.  

They say the cultural life of people changed more during the seventies than any other post war decade. The first color televisions had just started to emerge, there was no email in regular use, and certainly no mobile phones.

 My own very happy memories of the 1970's are of chopper bikes, cassette recorders, space hoppers, and a Mum with a swanky hostess trolley, and a Dad with a Ford Capri.  A bottle of Blue Nun in the fridge, for when my parents had friends round to an Abigails Party style dinner (an iconic TV drama of 70's life and style) serving prawn cocktails, profiteroles and black forest gateau.

There were twenty shillings in a pound, and I had a girl crushes on Ali MacGraw and Bianca Jagger. 

The seventies wasn't a time that fashion forgot,  it was unique, with designers such as Thea Porter, Bill Gibb, Halston and Biba, giving us flares, fringing, flowing bohemian kaftans, 
and maxi dresses. 

Lauren Hutton in a chiffon caftan by Halston. (US Vogue, April 1973/Photographer: Richard Avedon)

This seasons rebooted twist on the seventies, has a big hint of nostalgia about it, but somehow as fashion does, it has reworked itself to become as fresh and exciting as the original.....






  1. Beautiful outfits! When these arrive on the high street (albeit watered down somewhat) I may just be momentarily tempted back to the shops, thank you for sharing.

  2. I've always loved 70s style fashion. These are some seriously beautiful outfits. My mom gave me some GORGEOUS pieces of hers from the 70s. It was definitely a great era for fashion.

    xo Azu

  3. Lol Helen, Black Forest Gateau & Blue Nun I think most children of the 70s will remember seeing those in the fridge & oh how I loved my space hopper.
    Loving some of the boho dresses you've featured above, so pretty & perfect for summer days......summer here we come!
    Jane xx

  4. I always enjoy your posts Helen, and this is no exception some fantastic images, really looking forward to seeing how the High Street interprets this look, fingers crossed we have the weather to go with this look. Oh I remember Blue Nun and Black Tower probably to well!
    Sue x

  5. Oooh bring on the Spring! Some fabulous inspiration Helen, my favourites are the Alberta Ferretti long flowy white dress and suede fringed waistcoats.......divine! Love the 70's fashion so I look forward to getting to grips with this trend! xx

  6. Oh it was an awesome era! Yes there were some hideous parts like brown checked sofas & flammable orange curtains but I love the hippy clothes & freedom of expression! The Chloe smock is gorgeous! I can't wait to get my Boho on this Summer! x

  7. Chopper bikes & cassettes! Oh that was a quick trip down memory lane! Adore the Alberta Ferretti take on this trend ... and always, always happy to see the return of suede!

  8. Gorgeous looks, Helen. Love a bit of boho! Lynne Xx

  9. Oooh, so many cool dresses and styles! These are perfect for weather in LA, cam't wait to see more in stores :)


  10. Oh yes my cassette recorder - loved it to bits Helen! I've always had a soft spot for 70s styles - loved the whole flowing boho thing! Gorgeous outfits up above! xx

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