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About Liz and Helen

We are are so close, but we live so far apart! 

My little sister moved to New Zealand nearly 10 years ago.....but although we may go 2 years without seeing each other, or our families, we still remain incredibly close. 

We love the fact that we can pick up the phone and chat as if she is just down the road! 


Toddler Tee via

SO.....I thought it would be an interesting twist on my blog to have an insight into her life every now and again?


Hi Liz. So how did you come to live in NZ?

I'm here because I fell in love, firstly with the man (who is now my lovely husband) and secondly with the country.

Although we are on opposites sides of the world, NZ didn't seem too dissimilar to the UK and that is probably why I have settled here so easily.

So Liz, tell me, how different is your life now, to when you lived in the UK?

It could not be more different....... In the UK I was a sales Executive for a bank, had a company car and an expense account, I lived, like you, in the Cotswold's, so handy to everything from a quick jaunt down to London or Birmingham with the girls, a weekend getaway in Europe, or just sitting in a cafe people watching whilst sipping my mochachino. 


Whereas in NZ we live in an extremely remote area on the West Coast of the South Island, we have a rustic wooden house on 8 rambling acres, and share the land  with cows, chickens and sheep. We never lock our car or house doors and the total school roll ( from 5 - 18 years) is less than 80. We grow our own vegetables and all our meat is from our own land and now I have even joined the volunteer ambulance service!


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Is shopping for clothes very different out there ?

Yes and No. I absolutely adore all things to do with the fashion and beauty industry and was appalled when I first came here by the lack of accessible shops. But things have changed substantially in the 10 years I have been here, especially with the explosion of internet shopping I can pretty much get hold of anything, from NZ or from anywhere in the world. 

 Sister Quote Hand Stamped Cuff Bracelet Gift Idea Friendship Handstamped Jewelry

 Bracelet AlwaysaMemory £13.46

How different do you think the UK style is to NZ?

I would say its more edgy, and probably a bit more masculine. NZ women are incredibly strong and independent, which probably stems back to their ancestry so they don't necessarily want pretty clothes. (Although Trelise Cooper hails from NZ so that's just thrown my theory out the window)

I know you are now just entering Autumn, when we hopefully are just getting into spring and summer, but what item's are you looking to add to your wardrobe right now?.....

I'm lusting after a good quality  but reasonably priced oversized taupe, navy or grey roll neck cashmere jumper, something similar to Vince but without the price tag. I'm also loving all the brocade/paisley cigarette pants around at the moment......Some Country Road Coated Leggings in black because I think women in leather pants over a certain age just looks horrendous.

                                             Coated Jegging

 Country Road Coated Leggings $79.95

 I would also love a pair of Stuart Weitzmans 50/50 boots ( if anybody has a black pair of 38's they want to sell!)  and lastly some Golden Goose Trainers  (Tiffany Wendel you have a lot to answer for!)


Stuart WeitzmanBoots £410

                                              GOLDEN GOOSE Pale Blue Canvas & Suede Superstar Sneakers

                                              GOLDEN GOOSE Pale Blue Canvas & Suede Superstar Sneakers

Golden Goose Trainers $490 USD

New Zealand, and Australia have some of the most talked about designers in the world at the moment. Who is on your want list right now?.....

Gosh, that's hard as there are so many. From Australia it probably has to be Sass and Bide and Ksubi for their denim, Bassike for their great basics, Jac + Jack for their knitwear and  I also adore Kit Willow.

 Willow Crushed Lambskin Lapel Jacket $995


 Bassike Rugby Stripe Dress $216

 For NZ its got to be Rebecca Taylor, Karen Walker, Briarwood ( for footwear)  and my absolute favourites NomD and Moochi. 





Briarwood Marisa Taupe Boots $299

Are there any designers or even small indie labels from New Zealand that we should know about?.....

Well, I can't believe I am telling you in case they up their prices, but there is the most fantastic kids label here called Minti, google their clothes, especially for boys, they are FAB.


 Minti Kids Wear

 Also we have our own EBay equivalent called Trademe, its fantastic. I picked up a Authentic Hermes Shawl the other day for 30 GB Pounds .

You have three energetic young boy's and a lovely farmer husband......how do you keep a girl perspective on your life?....

I still like if at all possible to have a small amount of me time. I'm trying not to seem too self obsessed, but you need a bit of quiet time occasionally just to recharge those batteries  even if its just a long soak in a bath shaving and exfoliating once a week!

What's your fail safe look, when pressed for time?..... (Liz, isn't that every day with three young boys?)...

Probably like most women I feel the most comfortable in Jeans ( skinny ), a good quality linen tee in summer or a merino long sleeve top in winter and a statement jacket if  I'm going to town, and of course  my Converse all star trainers.

P.S. This is such fun.....Can we do it again?

                                                      Helen  XXX


  1. the jacket is super cute!


    1. I know it's very beautiful....just wish it were a bit more affordable, but lovely to look and dream eh?! xx

  2. hi dear! thank you for the comment on my blog, I'm a new follower and I'd love it if you followed back :D this is an interesting post, its cool to know the comparison of different places ;D


    1. Thanks so much glad you liked the post....it was just something a bit different to do! Following you now too! xx

  3. Wow! What a cute post...adorable sisterly love <3

    Loving your blog and following you on Bloglovin' now...follow back if you like:P


    1. Thank's I'm not sure we are adorable?.....but we are very close!! xx

  4. Lovely blog!

    New post: http://themilkandmint.blogspot.it/2013/04/must-have-blazer.html

  5. The quote on the tee shirt is so cute. Interesting post about the differences between the two places. I'm always impressed when I see photos of the New Zealand scenery - stunning.

    1. Ah thanks. The tee is just a bit of fun......but yes we thought it would be good to compare our lives, which were once so similar, and now so poles apart, literally!! xx


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