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CHECK IT OUT. MULBERRY, DAKS, MOSCHINO AND CHANEL..........Get the look for less!

"The Grid" by helenmoorearthur-1 on Polyvore

Checks in every form were on the catwalks for AW13, from the tailoring at Marc by Marc Jacobs...........

Marc by Marc Jacobs : Autumn/Winter 2013

To the true patriotism shown at British heritage brands........ Mulberry and Daks.

Mulberry : Autumn/Winter 2013

Can I tell you a story?

When I first started out in the fashion industry, I worked in one of the few boutiques outside of London, that sold "Designer" wear.

The shop was owned by a very special lady called June Daybell. In those days it was the sort of boutique that had people queuing at the door for new stock arriving! Mulberry was one of the labels stocked there, and Roger Saul founder of Mulberry used to pull up outside and drop the stock off!

I got my job as a sales assistant when I walked into her shop one day as a slightly embarrassed seventeen year old who loved clothes. In my spare time I used to scour every fashion magazine under the sun, I never had money to spare, and just longed to buy the beautiful clothes in her shop!

I had just been to Chelsea Girl, the precursor to River Island, and bought a natural leather satchel, which looked pretty cool to me, and decided to use it straight away! So when I walked into "June Daybell's" boutique wearing it, I was unprepared for the adoration of my Chelsea Girl bag "Oh" what a fabulous bag, where did you get it? Who is the designer? Now in those days it really wasn't very "neat" to be "street".....In other words, I thought those beautifully groomed assistants in their French designer wear would look down on me if I uttered the words Chelsea Girl, but I really had no choice as one of the staff spotted that I hadn't taken the label off and there for all to see was my proof of purchase! It turned out they were all really impressed with my bag, so much so June said to me...."If you ever want a job in here we would love to have you." Needless to say I jacked in my job in a flash, and I've never looked back!

 June was, and still is my inspiration every day. She sadly died at a very young age, but I thank you my angel for giving me a chance, and one that I have never regretted! xxx

Daks : Autumn/Winter 2013

The theme continued and was seen at a number of shows including Moschino, Chanel and Celine.
Moschino : Autumn/Winter 2013

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Chanel : Autumn/Winter 2013


 Get the look for less.........

Collarless Check Wool Jacket

Mulberry looks at high street prices....
Topshop collarless check wool jacket £85

Moschino eat your heart out..........Topshop tartan dress £35

It's hip to be square........Warehouse check cape £70

Check tote bag

Got the dress, now get the bag. Mango tartan check tote £39.99

Race to the finishing line.......Warehouse grid print dress £55

Image 1 of Mango Tartan Heeled Shoes

 Do the "highland" fling in Asos  tartan heeled shoes £47

Buy Paisie Double Breasted Tartan Jacket, Multi Online at

The perfect winter warmer John Lewis  Paisie double breasted coat £100

Always check out the small print.......Pull and Bear   red and black print loafers £25.99

Forever 21  curb chain check bracelet £4.24
Buy Warehouse Trimmed Kilt, Dark Grey Online at

"Chanel......esque" looks from Warehouse trimmed kilt £45

Image 1 of ASOS Leather And Check Oversized Clutch Bag

Don't let go of this one........ 
Asos leather and plaid oversized clutch £45

Dorothy Perkins grey tartan midi dress £25.99

To the tip of you toes use this Mac tartan tale nail polish £35


Squares in my eyes.............Ray Ban  square pattern wayfarer sunglasses Were £140 Now £70

Get a Marc Jacobs vibe going on in this River Island boyfriend check coat....... Was £75 Now £40

Sparkle and shine in Topshop sequinned check skirt £45

Chiffon Check Shirt

Big up the boy.......... George  chiffon print plaid shirt £12

And finally, a dress that I love, it's simplicity speaks for itself.
 Is it Helmut Lang or Donna Karan? No it's H&M at it's very best...........Get one now!

"This weeks star buy at NET-A-DRESSER" by helenmoorearthur-1 on Polyvore
Turn yours into the designer version version,
 with the finest of tee's underneath.........


American Vintage Massachusetts long sleeve t-shirt £45. 

I love this brand and have many of their tee's, vest's and long sleeve tops in my wardrobe. Treat them gently, i.e........."Wash very carefully" and you will get a lot of love back from them!



DONNA KARAN dress £1835

Donna Karan 

A total saving of


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  1. Thx for sharing your lovely and wonderful story. Great selection. Love almost everything about it. But most of all Moschino and Chanel.

  2. I enjoyed the story too - I wish I'd been as lucky when I was younger and had a job in boutique or any fashion outlet. And now I am too old and have none of the requisite experience that so many ask for.

    And I love your more economical take on the Donna Karan dress. Brilliant idea - I would never have thought of that.

    1. No, you are never too old!!......and I know many a shop would love to have you! xx

  3. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story!.

  4. Loved your story and I will be going through every item on here to see what I can buy, I love it all, especially the tartan tote and black H&M dress - they will be mine!! Lol..well, not really ;-)


  5. Lovely post....I am slowly coming around to the idea of wearing a little tartan:) I must check out that H&M dress! Have a great week:)

    1. It is quite a bold statement, but a bit of fun too! xx

  6. nice pics\!!! ;-))

    i invite to me too

  7. I love this story, it had me choked up! Some great pics and I love the John Lewis coat xx

    1. Oh gosh! I hope I don't do that too often!! Yeah the coat is a goodie! xx

  8. I love this post and the story... And I love Tartan!! <3
    Great choices!
    XoXo <3
    New post here:

  9. Hi there!! This is a lovely post, I so enjoyed your story and June sounded like such an inspiring lady! Love your picks, the Topshop sequined skirt and John Lewis coat are my favourites! xxx

    1. Ah thanks Sharon, yes she was, and I think we all have people in our lives who have shown us a new direction, and she was mine! xx

  10. Hi
    I like your blog, this post is so nice.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog

    1. Its was so nice of you to come and take a look around mine too! xx

  11. Such a lovely story.. and tartan is a great trend at the moment.

    Amazing high street choices!


  12. What a lovely story and I actually remember Chelsea Girl too. I have rarely worn tartan especially the red combinations but I'm tempted by the more subtle patterns. I love the Mulberry coats and the Top shop alternative. The Asos clutch would be a great way to start with the plaid trend too! Great post!

    1. Oh my goodness......good old Chelsea girl, I bet if I had a root around in my wardrobe archives, I might still have a piece of the action from them! xx

  13. Love plaid and high boots. Will you like to follow each other on GFC and Twitter? xoxo
    New Post Fashion Talks

    1. It is such a cool look, yes would love to follow each other! xx

  14. I love Tartan! Great picks!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. It is such a strong print, and one that you can have a lot of fun with too! xx

  15. I love all the tartan on the runway and the highstreet right now - that topshop dress is beautiful!

    1. Its cute, but also has a bit of a Vivienne Westwood feel about it don't you think?! xx

  16. Lovely story Helen, I love checks, might have to get myself that DP dress! x

  17. Ah thanks Sophie, this will def be the year to do the Highland Fling!! xx


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