Wednesday, November 25, 2015


1: Sweater £24.99 H&M / 2: Sunglasses £17.99 Now £9.99 Mango /
3: Flare cropped jeans £25.99 Zara / 4: Cepheus Set £57 Aesop /
5: Dionysus suede bag £780 Gucci / 6: Boots £49.99 Mango


With the onslaught of cooler temperatures, a quick cross examination of my wardrobe reveals some not so startling evidence.....Black on black, and a foray into fringe and snakeskin this season.

 Whilst embracing scales on boots can only be a good thing, the central heating and icy temps have caused my winter skin to become somewhat reptilian too. My weapon of choice.....Aesop's hydrating geranium leaf body products.

 And, with an 'investment' bag (fashion speak for costs a 'lotta' dollars) thrown into the mix, you could say I'm somewhat 'skinspired' right now.


Six pieces to freshen up your wardrobe each week.



  1. so amazing ;-)

    i invite to me too

  2. Love this look Helen...the fringed sweater is fab, definitely an item that will take from a day to evening look which is my kind of purchase these days! It looks fab with the crop jeans and the snakeskin boots are amazing! Outfit perfection! xx

  3. Just adore those boots. It has taken tremendous will power not to buy them this year. I occasionally go to the website to admire them ... do not need, do NOT need!!!


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