Thursday, May 26, 2016


1: Fedora £12.99 New Look | 2: Bikini £255 Eres |
 3: Sunglasses £135 Sheriff&Cherry | 4: Shorts £19.99 H&M |
5: Body Scrub £30 Elemental Herbology | 6: Espadrilles £16 Asos |
7: Texture Spray £20 Windle & Moodie | 8: Roundie Beach Towel £81.82 The Beach People...


Is it just me, or is the weather majorly mercurial? One minute arctic winds and downpours, and the next sub tropical (quick, get on the sun lounger and slap on the high factor).

 So, putting the current state of weather affairs aside, I've decided it's Summer and the sun WILL shine.....It's official.

  Now, with my mindset fixed on the promise of hot days and blue skies on the horizon, let's get down and beachy. 


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