Friday, February 22, 2013

Clean and lean starts tommorow....well maybe Monday?

Its funny because when i'm at work on my feet all day, I can usually make time for a couple of gym sessions a week, and if I'm really good sometimes three, I usually try to have a healthy-ish lunch too.

 Well this has all gone to pot this week, and if I'm truthful the week before too. You see I have had a few days holiday, eight days to be precise, I've not been away, just some me time, bliss!

The plan I had was to go something like this........

1.Make a healthy breakfast from my coffee table guru's book, the Clean and Lean diet by James Duigan, responsible for maintaining the likes of Elle Macphearson's bod, and a whole host of other impossibly fit and beautiful people. To be perfectly honest I'm sure that even if Elle stayed in bed all day eating Jammie Dodgers, Cadburys Fingers, and oh what's that other vice of mine, ah yes Cream Eggs, she would still look
amazing. Sadly the same cannot be said for me, as I have been indulging in all the above and more...SHAME on me, and now I am feeling the effects, podgy tum, flabby thighs,etc, etc.......

2. After healthy breakfast wait an hour or so, put on my best Sweaty Betty gym gear, and do one hour Pilates session, followed by a relaxing swim in the lovely Fitness First pool. Did it happen no, why, because
it is just so nice to be lazy once in a while, not to the point of slovenliness, n.b.what a great word that is, it was one of my Grandma's favourites, seldom used these days, guess you could make it hip and cool again in a bit of street rap?


 No, prob not!

 Anyway the remainder of the plan that never happened was as follows

3. Afternoon run up in the beautiful Cotswold hills.

4.  Spa type bath ritual, followed by an early night, with a cup of Neals  Yard camomile tea.perfect legs skin miracle

Roll on Monday, and thats just my midriff I'm talking about.

But in the meantime bring out my wonder product "This Works" perfect legs skin miracle will be slathered on over the next couple of nights, and when I return to work they will have never guessed my guilty secret.

Happy Holidays!!


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