Thursday, February 21, 2013

GET READY,GET DRESSED.........Forget glasses!


So I have reached an age where I can't go out without my glasses.

My lovely sister in Bath along with my gorgeous niece made a last minute arrangement for us to meet up? We had lots of catching up to do so decided to go to Prezzo, they have a great deal at the moment, buy one main course and the second is half price! My dear Mum came along too, together with my daughter and her oh so nice boyfriend. Gosh, I forgot to mention my plus one "VHM"(The very handsome man in my life.)

Very handsome man was a bit late arriving due to work commitments, so we had started to order "Quelle Horreur" my glasses? Now normally the VHM would read the menu for me if dumb blonde accidentally/on purpose forgets her reading apparatus (you see there is a certain vanity attached to wearing these things, or at least used to be! But not any more..........

Enter geek chic these glasses are just so cool right now, and it just so happens that I am the proud owner of at least three pairs, and I tell you what every time I wear these babies I get so many compliments on them. Questions are asked, where did I get them? Are they Tom Ford? or the cult brand Moscot worn by Johnny Depp?  No I am thrilled to say, much to my delight, and the embarrassment of the VHM they are Primark, and I kid you not £2.

So whilst it is the trendy accessory to wear at the moment I try not to leave home without them.

That is unless the VHM gets to hide them first, as he keeps calling them GRANNY CHIC.........Quelle Horreur!!

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  1. Ah... I love posts about glasses. As I have to wear them every day and they are such a part of my style.

  2. It's such a good look I think, and I love the huge range that is now availiable. Keep in touch xx


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