Sunday, March 17, 2013

H & M and My Best Sunday!

There is something about a Sunday,
 that always throws me into a dilemma?

Now my kids are big people, 
I can sometime's afford the luxury of a lie in...... 

And you know it's going to be a good one when your VHM  (very handsome man) gets the papers, picks up some lovely brunch nosh for us, grind's the coffee beans all whils't singing to himself in the kitchen!

You see my dilemma is that Sunday should and sometimes is for the above. But it's also one of the few day's that I have the chance to go to real shops! I love the fact that if you get to the stores early, you get the tidily restocked rails and neatly folded piles of clothes making it just so easy to find what you want.

H & M, is just one of these shops that I run to as it's opening on a Sunday for a little splurge from their freshly picked stock.
Leave it to 3 p.m. on the same day, and I loose the will to shop or live for that matter!!

I adore H & M, not just because of their prices (for all you Primark fans out there) H & M offer something a bit different and for just a few pennies more.

A couple of Sunday's ago I picked up these little gems.....


H & M Printed Jeans £14.99 

 H & M feature them with the matching jacket, but personally I find that too much of an overload,  and as I don't do a lot of pattern anyway,  just this nod to print is much more my look!

I have worn this jacket loads since getting it in my wardrobe, it's just such a good spring look.


I love the fit of these jeans. They do start pretty tight, but loosen up quickly by what feels like a whole size. But as with a lot of H & M jeans they do come up really small so I would probably suggest buying one size up, even then they are tight just wear and wait for them to give.

I'm currently wearing mine with a white denim shirt also from H & M, and an old (Yes 15 years) but cool DKNY taupe washed leather jacket...........This jacket has certainly been investment dressing, there isn't a week goes by in all the seasons that I don't use this, I have even worn it in the summer with shorts!!

P.S. I am going to do a post later with pic's of all the clothes in my wardrobe that have stood the test of time.

Let me know what clothes/Items you have in your wardrobe that have been a favourite friend over the years?


This I have bought ready for a Christening I am going to in May, so hope by then I can wear it with bronzed (fake of course) bare legs and my new shoes from Zara!

ST. TROPEZ Wash Off Spray – dark 200ml

This very natural looking spray is brilliant for a superfast dark tan, that washes off with soap and water.
The beauty of this, is that it is non transferable,  which is so important when wearing something like this
 little white number above!

Now that can't be bad, can it?

Gosh! Look enough change left for this pretty Barry M Nail Polish in a great Nude shade

Nail Paint - Nude

And still time to get back to my VHM, who now has the
 lunch ready.........Bless him!




  1. I have the same slate grey tee! The H&M tees (round about £7) wash really well and have the right amount of slouch for the pouch don't they? I'm with you on being a bit of an early bird at H&M as well. As long as it's early, you get a chance to go through the nice tidy rails. I'm a big fan of the H&M Trend range and have seen a lovely charcoal grey silk shirt there which I am thinking of going back for and the only thing stopping me is that silk and household chores and small people are a fatal mix.

    And your VHM sounds well trained! Send him round to mine when you can spare him :o)

    1. Hi, those tees are so good, I have them in quite a few colours, and as you say wash brilliantly! I havn't seen the silk shirt yet, but silk should wash well, if you use something gentle like woolite? Regarding VHM he has on been on an obedience course for MEN, I can I highly recommend it....JUST SO WISH IT DID EXIST!!!


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