André Courrèges  is the French fashion designer who I was first aware of as a very little girl, when my extremely stylish Aunts were always looking lovingly at his creations in VOGUE.

 It was the sixties, a time of freedom of the body for women, where revolutionary concept's in fashion were taking place.

He started his career as a civil engineer. But at the age of 25, had a radical career change, and after a brief stint at Jeanne Lafaurie fashion design house, he moved over to BALENCIAGA.

His engineering background shows through his work. He constructed his clothes, rather like the way a modernist architect designs a building.....Geometrics, in the form of squares, triangles and trapezoids.

His space age collection quickly caught on, and every girl on every high street wanted to emulate his look!

The World of Fashion in Vogue, Voguepedia


This fashion house has been pushing boundaries for 50 years, creating modern clothes for modern women.

The SS13 collection's featured lot's of exposed midriff's and cut out's....... just as Courreges did in the 60's.

He is the pioneer of the SPACE AGE aesthetic. Combining haute couture with youth culture, using minimal lines and advanced fabrics.

 Both Jaqueline Kennedy and The Duchess of Windsor (eternal style icons) were just some of his clients during those FAB swinging sixtie's.............